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September 28, 2016

Cubicles With Doors Increases Privacy

You may have seen glass cubicles in a partner’s office, liking what you saw. At the same time, you may have wondered about privacy – is that out the door, so to speak? Since your staff and departments all have differing responsibilities and needs, you may have concerns about being able to provide environments that support what they need.

What You Get

Order floor-to-ceiling enclosed glass cubicles for your employees. They will benefit with a sharp reduction in the amount of sound reaching them as they work.

Now, add doors into the mix. It doesn’t matter what kind of door you may want. In fact, give us a call at Cubicle World and discuss the availability of doors for the glass cubicles in stock.

For now, look at what you may be able to get. Wood doors add an element of traditional warmth to your environment. Sliding doors work well in small office spaces. Pivoting doors, with full framing, help to keep excess sound out and keep your sightlines clear. If you need privacy glass walls, ask about these as well.

How it Works

Easy installation allows you to have your new glass cubicles and doors installed quickly, allowing everyone to get back to work without too much downtime. Ask about ports for data and power – you need to know if these can easily reconfigure if you need to change the configuration of your cubicles.

You may even be able to remove and replace existing doors for any reason. In doing so, you won’t be forcing those workers to stop working while the work gets done. It’s a win for you and your employees.

Your Benefits

You’ll also benefit in other ways. Enclosed glass cubicles give your office a professional and high-quality look. If customers and clients visit your employees, they will be impressed as they take in the new view of individual (though not site-built) offices.

If you need privacy glass for those departments working on confidential matters, you and your employees will benefit from this as well. The glass contains special features that make privacy possible by blurring the view to those passing by. Add a door to this enclosed cubicle and you’ll also see that your employee won’t have their privacy invaded. Until they give someone permission to enter their office, their work is known only to them and you.

Update Your Office

Admit it. When you saw your first enclosed glass cubicle, you were impressed. Even though you knew the workers were sitting in tall cubicles, these offices looked like offices that had been site-built using glass instead of drywall.

It’s even possible to create an enclosed conference room. Discussions inside won’t disturb others not involved in the meeting. Those taking part in the meeting won’t be distracted by passers-by or discussions and phone conversations taking place outside the conference room. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and look at our enclosed glass cubicles.

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