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January 15, 2019
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Have you ever considered opting for office partitions in your work space? Despite the vast amount of real estate that might be available, you may not always find yourself in an office that accommodates the goals of your company or the activities of your employees. If you’re subleasing the office space you’re in, this could be the case even more, as the terms and conditions of your contract might severely limit the latitude you have in making your office space your own. Or perhaps there just isn’t room in your budget to warrant the construction of private, sheet-rocked offices. With office partitions, you can find a more-than-viable alternative.

Your employees shouldn’t have to feel like they’re toiling in a bullpen-style office or that they have to be on constant display to work effectively. Research has found that open-plan offices, while encouraging collaboration and camaraderie, are actually very distracting to the possible detriment of the company. Allowing employees some control over their own visual privacy helps to boost worker morale as well as productivity. Office partitions can go a long way here. Many professionals in the tech industry–think game developers and coders–might especially need extra privacy for completing their work. Portable office partitions can most definitely be appreciated in these settings. Maybe an employee needs focus for solo work, or otherwise maybe a spur-of-the-moment conference for brainstorming and creative collaboration is called for.

We offer office partitions on casters and of varying possible lengths and heights to help accommodate a quiet space, private enough for one but flexible enough to incorporate many, without having to alter the remainder of the office. Our “360 room dividers,” complete with patented 360-degree hinges for full range of motion. Allowing for multiple configurations like angled “L” and “C” shapes, as well as curves, these office partitions do most of the work to welcome groups of different sizes and layouts. They can be even connected with other partitions with this goal in mind, and they’re lightweight enough that you don’t have to work up a sweat when you need to bring them into use or put them away again.

Acoustical privacy is a major feature of many of our office partitions. Specially designed for noise abatement, we carry partitions made of polycarbonate or fabric, for noise blocking and noise absorption. Aside from the acoustical benefits, opting for a fabric partition, conveniently gives you and your company a bulletin board space, since our fabrics accept push pins for calendars, family photos, or anything else. Marrying acoustical performance with style, we also carry highly stylish office partitions made up of many thin panels, giving a stylish, flowing curve to the workstation. The construction, consisting of acoustical ribbed fabric panels with foam cores, gives you visual and noise privacy while softening your work area.

Many might think that a lower-cost office partition means that quality and style take a hit. That’s not necessarily the case. We offer portable canvas office partitions that are just as well-made, versatile, and stylish as our more high-end room dividers. So don’t think of our less costly product as cheap; think of them as economical. Just like our more costly models, our canvas options feature 360° rotating hinges that allow a full range of movement, allowing you to configure your office partition in a “C” or “L” shape. While not providing as much noise abatement, you can still count on visual privacy as you look to compartmentalize your office space. There are also several lengths and heights to choose from, just like our costlier versions, with a maximum length of ten feet and a maximum height of 6’10”.

At Cubicle World we bring you quality office partitions perfect for any occasion to resolve your space issues the smart way. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help find the right partitions for your workplace.

Office Partitions For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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