Private Office Cubicles Increases Productivity By Reducing Distractions

Private Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Factory Saves You Money Today!
May 8, 2018

Many people prefer to work in an enclosed space where there are minimal distractions.  Private office cubicles offer such individuals a focused workspace where they can complete their tasks with reduced human interaction.  There are many ways to make cubicles more private, ranging from panel extensions to larger panels that extend from floor to ceiling.

Wing panel extensions are the most affordable way to build private office cubicles.  Glass extenders add to the height of cubicle partitions, making them taller and creating a more insulated environment within.  Glass allows natural light to enter this interior, creating a sense of enlarged personal space. Glass extensions can be completely clear, much like office windows, or they can be made from frosted glass that allows light to enter but obscures visibility into the worker’s personal space.     

Private office cubicles can be further modified to mask out surrounding noise.  Building cubicle workstations with taller panels helps to reduce a great deal of background sound simply be erecting a larger barrier around the work area.  If a customer has the budget, we can further reduce noise by installing acoustical panels that contain foam or cork within the panel walls. While this does not make a cubicle completely sound proof (very few things are completely sound proof), it is more or less equivalent to dry wall in its ability to block distracting conversations and office background noise.  

Another way to create the feeling of a private office is to install a door at the cubicle entrance.  Workstations with an open entrance allow others to freely enter a worker’s personal space at will. Many people feel nervous in such a work environment because they never know when someone is going to walk in.  Some people who are also prone to anxiety may feel they are being micromanaged by supervisors who are always walking by like some guy in a movie to tell them how “great” they are doing while he looks over their shoulder.  By installing private office cubicles with doors, companies can reduce these stress factors for responsible, productive individuals who do not need this level of supervision and who work better with minimal interaction with coworkers.  

Cubicle World builds, ships, and installs private office cubicles anywhere in the Continental United States.  We own our own factory and fleet of trucks, so we can pass on tremendous savings to our customers by selling direct to the public.  Every quote we issue includes a complimentary space plan drawing, which our team uses as a blueprint for workstation construction and installation.  We warranty all cubicles for parts and labor, and we have thousands of materials we can utilize in workstation construction. No budget is too small, and no project is too large, for Cubicle World.  Call today to get started on a new workflow solution.

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