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October 22, 2019

Tall cubicle walls are normally found in business offices and are used to enclose a particular workspace. These systems can also be described as office cubicles, cubicle workstations or just cubicles. When workspaces need to be somewhat enclosed and isolated from their neighboring workspaces, tall office walls offer an ideal way to accomplish these goals.

Tall cubicle partitions can offer workspaces that are usually up to five or six feet in height, and these cubicle walls can be left open on one side for easy access. Tall wall partitions allow separation of office workers to limit disturbances such as sound and sights, the idea being to provide employees a way to concentrate better and increase profitability. Work surfaces and shelving may be fastened or attached to the cubicle walls to provide additional storage and workspace.

Office cubicles usually refer to the more recognized enclosed cubicle workstations, there exist many other kinds of office cubicles that can be permanent or semi-permanent. These can include for example; walls built from cloth-covered panels which are installed to a client’s special needs, or more sophisticated types of cubicle partitions which are mobile, and can include sliding, and folding mechanisms or even both.

Office cubicle walls that use more advanced systems will usually have the look of ordinary permanent office walls. However, these walls/partitions can be easily opened or folded and moved to one side, thus making an enclosed space or room become part of the neighboring space/room. This sort of installation has several benefits as the enclosed space becomes enlarged by the ‘removal’ of the partition wall that can also function as a business meeting room where conferences can be carried out, which would be impossible in the former enclosed space.

A very simple and extremely easy to install the type of office partition is the screen. Office screens are manageable and practical. They are commonly portable in design and may be located in any location to produce separation and privacy. Movable partition is generally free-standing and is manufactured from various materials, such as metal/fabric, wood/fabric, glass, or some types of composite material. Screens can be floor mounted or even desk mounted, and many of them have no fixed position and can be placed where they are needed and are quickly reconfigured when no longer required.

Office screens and portable cubicle partitions are available in a large range of differing designs. Designs can vary from simple basic functional screens to very attractive and extremely fashionable systems which will improve any office workspace, which can often result in an improvement in employee attitude.

If you are interested in buying tall cubicle walls, start with a free office space layout design plan that will plot out the number, location, and size of your workstations. Cubicle World can help you select the right materials that will fit your budget, and we will build your workstations in our cubicle factory. We own our fleet of trucks, so shipping and installation never cost you anything extra. Contact us today.

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