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February 18, 2019
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Sliding room dividers are a popular variant of partitioning system used to divide spaces in buildings of all kinds. It’s rarely the case that an office is perfectly suited to the company occupying its space, and it’s not always a viable plan to build out that space in a way that works best for its tenants. Businesses are often left with a need to subdivide their office space, especially when it’s not possible to build out actual rooms. Cubicle World can help you to meet your needs by providing you with a diverse selection of sliding room dividers so that you can conveniently change the nature of your office space and do so in style.

There are a few advantages to using sliding room dividers. First of all, they’re elegant in look and use. We’re used to conventional walls of the buildings we work and congregate in being straight and joining at right angles. The simplicity of these dividers mimic that genuine room-like feel with their familiarity, and the clean straight lines are attractive with any material. When expanded, they can be used as the backdrop for a school lecture, we can put our work desks up against them, and we can use them to post signage and artwork, such as with our fabric sliding room dividers.

Sliding room dividers can easily separate large spaces into multiple broad zones for specific uses. If your business has multiple departments working in the same space, sliding dividers can come into play if they’re better off separated for noise control purposes and to reduce visual distraction. Often, this is the case when business operations are located in a warehouse or when you lease vast office space with no future plans to build out walls and rooms. Sliding room dividers can house multiple other smaller workspace partitioning solutions that Cubicle World has to offer, such as office cubicles, single-panel partitions, and configurable multi-panel cubicle partitions.

Another benefit of the sliding room divider is its ease of movement and operation, thanks to its multiple features. The telescoping hinge system keeps these dividers in a straight line across the opening of your choice, without the need for a floor track. With customer-specified lengths reaching as much as 19’, depending on the preferred model, that’s a feature that will come in handy. The hinges between the panels of the sliding room divider are designed to traverse bumpy floors so that vertical displacement doesn’t hinder their full operation. Non-marking casters also help when expanding panels across the area to be divided or when moving the entire panel system from one place to another or into and out of storage.

Depending on the model these sliding room dividers consist of made-in-the-USA acoustical panels, which offer great capability in dampening sound. With these panels, you can keep unwanted noise out and keep wanted sound within the space. Our other material choice for sliding room dividers is durable polycarbonate plastic that can withstand extreme temperatures and is tough enough to last through repeated cleaning. This material also happens to be highly shock-absorbent. Both are available in a number of diverse colors.

Cubicle World offers several varieties of sliding room dividers, so that you can find a solution that works well with your unique situation. Our large-scale wall-mounted divider is a good fit for anyone needing a static partition for a single continuous use or space. If you have a large, open office that is also accessible by customers and visitors, you may want to invest in a partition that separates client space such as a reception or sales area from your daily business operations. Chances are that your sliding room divider will always serve that one purpose in that one location, so why not order a wall-mounted model? You can also use it for separating multiple departments when there are no walls or rooms already available to do so.

When mounted on opposite sides of a room from one another, our largest sliding room dividers can separate up to 30’ of space. There are multiple options for height, the tallest being just over 12’ high, which is perfect for large open areas like warehouses or convention center halls. Despite their massive size, thanks to the telescoping hinge plus the vertical hinges that allow smooth travel over uneven flooring, opening and closing these dividers is a breeze. The 3” dual-wheel non-marking casters also make movement quiet and hassle-free.

Cubicle World also has portable sliding room dividers that don’t have to be tethered to any structural system; just wheel them where they need to go. We have a convenient 3-panel option that extends to 8’4” and with three possible heights: 70”, 80”, and 88”, allowing for impromptu zoning of open space. Patented full-size panel end units help to give extra stability to these lightweight but durable aluminum-framed dividers.

You can always depend on Cubicle World to help you every step of the way in choosing office furnishings for your company, and selecting the right sliding room divider for your office space and partitioning needs is no exception. We don’t just offer free consultations, or space planning services as you might need them; we also offer free shipping on any of the products you order from us, at any time! Give us a call today!

Sliding Room Dividers – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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