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Used Workstation Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
October 31, 2016

Now that it’s time to replace your old workstation cubicles, you need to develop a plan that gets you to that goal. You need to do much more than just compare prices. You need to decide on a budget, have a space plan created, look at and compare workstations, factor in privacy and ask for warranties. Make a list and let’s get started.

Create a Budget

Before deciding on that all-important number, look at the space you have the cubicles you currently occupy. Are you buying used, re-manufactured or new cubicles?

As you are creating a budget for your purchase, remember to factor in the cost of having an office space expert create an office plan for you. This is a necessary expense if you don’t want to buy too many or too few cubicles.

Know How Much Space You Have

Call us here at Cubicle World and ask for one of our cubicle workstation experts to inspect your office. After going through every inch of your office space, our expert will create a detailed office template that informs them and you of just how much space you will have to work with.

Our expert will show you the different workstation cubicles in our stock, comparing their dimensions to the space you have and explaining how many new workstation cubicles you need and how best they can be organized and arranged in your office. As they are explaining all this to you, try to visualize those explanations and how they intend for new cubicle workstations to fit into your office space. Factor in partition walls, especially if you plan to divide departments away from each other. This is a big consideration when you remember how much noise just a few people can create as they work.

Choose Comfortable Workstations

“One size does not fit all.” When it comes to each of your employees, think about who is small (short) versus who is big (tall or husky). This matters because if you expect the bigger employee to work comfortably in a workstation created for the smaller employee, it’s just not going to happen.

The same is true of expecting a smaller employee to work in a workstation that has been made for a larger employee. They will be stretching and risking injury as they try to get the items they need. Remember comfort – it’s a vital factor.

Remember Privacy

This is an important factor for two reasons. First, some employees work on confidential materials, so they can’t accomplish this if everyone can see spreadsheets and documents as they pass by.

Next, some employees need quiet just because of the nature of their work. Noise pulls them out of their concentration. Other employees just prefer quiet because – noise pulls them out of their work zone.

Ask for Warranties

The warranty is probably even more important than your budget. After all, even though you stayed within that number, you’ll make all your efforts worth nothing if one or more of your workstations break or show evidence of a defect. The warranty will protect your financially, so ask every furniture dealer about buying warranties for your new workstations. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World when it’s time to buy.

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