5 Ways To Improve Productivity By Installing Cubicle Doors HM-5611

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November 28, 2016
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Cubicles allow you to fit more employees into an otherwise limited office space. With that advantage come a few issues you need to address so you and your staff will be able to work in comfort, maintaining the high level of productivity you require. If you opt to have cubicles with doors installed, you and your employees will benefit in several ways.

You Need a Quieter Working Environment

Removing your current door-less cubicles and installing cubicles with doors gives your employees the option of closing their door or leaving it open. While an open door communicates a welcome and openness to people stopping in momentarily, it also allows noise from other cubicles to intrude.

A quieter environment allows everyone to focus better. A more-focused employee can be more productive, which is great for your bottom line. If your employees shouldn’t be disturbed by phones, people talking, copiers and printers running and even conversations, then a cubicle with a fitted door will allow them to close out all that ambient and unneeded noise.

Your Employees Require Privacy

Some of your employees work with highly confidential documents, spreadsheets, numbers and data. The cost to your company if any of this information gets leaked could be substantial. For these staff members, doors on their cubicles will allow them to maintain complete privacy and confidentiality, which enables your company to continue working on these projects without fear of early disclosure.

Your managers need to have a private environment as they speak to potential employees or companies with which you are doing business. At times, they need to call employees into their cubicles/offices to discuss confidential issues with them – or even give them corrective counseling. Doors on their cubicles enable all of this to happen.

Create Separate Offices for Managers

While front-line employees may be able to work well with door-less cubicles, your management may, to a person, need to have cubicles with doors. They don’t need noise or lack of privacy to keep them from completing their work, which is to help you keep the company running.

Give us a call at Cubicle World and we can discuss your cubicle needs with you. If you are looking for cubicles with doors, we will be able to show you our showroom models and demonstrate how they will help your business.

Block Unwanted Germs

Colds are rampant year-round. In the fall and winter seasons, flu becomes a major concern. You, your workers and management don’t need to worry about every cough and sneeze spreading illness.

This is why cubicles with doors can help your business. Not everyone covers their mouths and noses when they cough or sneeze. Those doors can help block the germ spray as it spreads beyond an employee’s desk or cubicle.

Decrease Stress Caused by Too Much Noise

Some stress is healthy. It pushes people to achieve more than they thought possible. But too much stress can have the opposite effect as your workers try to block out noise, coughs, ringing phones, unwanted music and even offensive odors.

When your employees try to work in an overly noisy office, they can’t concentrate. Their blood pressure gets too high. At home, they can’t let go of the stress, which causes sleep issues. Give cubicles with doors a test run and experience the difference. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and order those with doors.

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