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May 18, 2016

What To Know When Replacing Your Old Reception Desks

Now that you’re getting ready to replace your old reception desk, you need to decide whether you’ll buy new or used. When you buy a used reception desk, keep in mind that it may actually be higher quality than a new reception desk. Used reception desks can have other benefits and advantages to your company as well.

Higher Quality

Used reception-area desks have been refurbished or re-manufactured. When you choose a refurbished piece of office furniture, you’re buying something that has been refinished, repainted or had the leather or fabric replaced and updated.

On the other hand, choosing a re-manufactured reception desk means you’ve selected a piece of furniture that has been closely inspected, with every broken or torn area repaired. Loose legs will be replaced or tightened; broken drawers will be repaired so they close and open easily; the surface will be refinished so it looks just like new.

Benefits You Need

You’ve owned a receptionist desk before, so you know what features you need and which you can do without (needs over “wants”). You need sufficient room for your receptionist or team of receptionists to work comfortably and move around as needed. Sufficient storage space is also a must – for purses, other personal items and for office supplies. If your receptionist(s) work on paperwork at this desk, they will need filing space.

Aesthetically, the desk must complement your company’s reception area. It needs to be attractive, with colors that either contrast or complement the colors you have used in your front area.

Tested Desk Designs

You know the size of your reception area, which means you know how large (or small) your reception desk should be. You probably need to have a computer, fax machine, and printer close by as well.

Your receptionist will be the gateway for you, your managers and other employees. Don’t forget to include connections for an office phone so they can route calls to the correct personnel. As for electrical connections for other electronics, just provide a surge protector or two so they can all be charged at the same time.

Look for Comfort

Comfort. Ah, the big “c” word. Your receptionist(s) will spend the bulk of their work days behind that desk. Comfort is key to allowing them to carry out their tasks with a high degree of efficiency.

Desk height, drawers that open easily, lights and cabinet doors that are within easy reach all aid (or hinder) their ability to complete tasks. They also contribute to aches and pains if they aren’t well-designed.

Team of Receptionists

If you have a staff of receptionists sharing that reception desk, you definitely need to make sure the work and space area are sufficient for each receptionist sitting behind the counter.

Each receptionist needs storage space for personal items and supplies they use during the day. They need sufficient filing space for the documents they will be working on throughout the day. Look for reception area desks that have lots of room for one, or more, receptionists. Browse our office furniture today and choose the right reception desk.

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